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A Successful IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumnus

16 Sep 2014

As a University which started 22 years ago, the International Medical University has many students who have gone on to lead successful lives in their careers and in the community. There are many stories to share and here is one on our Pharmaceutical Chemistry alumnus. Fabian Mok Ping Xiang. He is currently working in Singapore at the Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd, a Swiss Flavors and Fragrance Company. He shares his journey from a student to where he is now. “The three years spent in this programme had been a whirlwind. The pace and technical background I received from this course aided me immensely for the hectic initial stages of my working career. I benefitted greatly from the modules that we learnt in this course as a lot of them are related to my work. To my surprise, the pharmaceutical industry and perfumery industries are very much the same in terms of the regulatory practices employed in manufacturing and quality control aspects.”

548823_10150640682054830_1496100528_n“The BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry Programme offered by IMU is a prestigious programme that gives undergraduates a chance to experience the broad spectrum of studies in chemistry. I was convinced that the education that I received here is not only exciting but relevant and functional. I was already well-assured of the quality of the programme as IMU has been well-known for giving its students the best curriculum and practices of its kind in Malaysia. IMU is the preferred choice of most students, especially those with English background like me. Being the first Pharmaceutical Chemistry course in Malaysia also added to the allure.”

Currently employed as Quality Analyst at the Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd, his job is to ensure that the quality of the materials received as well as all products that are sold is within the set standards. “During my 1½ years here, I have seen and experienced many exciting and fascinating aspects of the fragrance industry. I have also done a few cross-functional projects that motivate me to dwell deeper into the world of fragrance chemistry!” According to Fabian, a Quality Analyst need to have: 1) A broad and porous mind 2) An ability to accept challenges with a smile 3) Good preparation! Like what taxes will be imposed on you, accommodation, exchange rates etc. Fabian plans to continue working in his current position for a number of years and gain more experience. In the near future, he plans to obtain a Masters from ISIPCA to further his knowledge in perfumery for both the business and technical aspects. “After more than a year working in this industry, I believe this is the industry for me as it is growing and fun to be in.”  

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