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IMU Medical Biotechnology Student Presents at Conference in Thailand

15 Sep 2014

A final year International Medical University (IMU) medical biotechnology student, Ooi Yun Pin had the opportunity to present her work at the International Conference on Latest Trends in Food, Biological and Ecological Sciences in Thailand. This is based on the student’s research project entitled “An Investigation of Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Methanol Extract of Syzygium malaccense on Lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 Cells” under the supervision of her supervisors, Dr Anna Ling Pick Kiong, Dr Koh Rhun Yian and Ms Wong Ying Pei. Commenting on this, Yun Pin said, Participation in this conference allowed me to present my research through poster presentation. Through this, I gained skills to communicate and discuss my research findings in a reasonably structured way and shared my research work with the researchers. Furthermore, I broadened my knowledge in the area of biological and ecological sciences via oral and poster presentations presented by experts from different countries. For instance, the presentation about “Gene Novelty and Gene Enhancement Game: Adapting to Life” had improved my understanding about how evolution contributes to gene development in order to adapt to the new environment and life. This topic was taught at IMU  in the module Essential of Genetics, assisting me in the understanding of genome evolution.” “Besides genomic studies, the module animal and plant physiology helped me to understand the studies involving plant hormones on plant growth optimisation. At the conference, I also learned new things about ecological sciences such as environmental management of livestock producers and local food system for rural revitalisation. I am glad to study the latest trends about ecological sciences as it allows me to learn and gain information in a topic that is totally new for me.”

“Moreover, the conference had gathered scientists, researchers and academicians from various countries and thus permitted the discussion of wide range problems encountered in the present and future and also promoted cultural exchange through social networking. I am glad for this precious opportunity to meet and communicate about the latest trends in science with the experts from various countries, share my research work and gain feedback from them. It is a worthwhile experience for me to participate this international conference”

The International Conference on Latest Trends in Food, Biological and Ecological Sciences was held on 15-16 July 2014 in Thailand. This conference allows interactions amongst researchers and academician across the globe at a common platform to discuss the latest developments and issues about Food, Biological and Ecological Sciences.    

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