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Talk on Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pharmacists

25 Mar 2014

19 March 2014 – 89 pharmacists attended a talk on ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pharmacists’ at the International Medical University (IMU)‘s Bukit Jalil Campus. The talk was given by Mr Ng Shih Chau, one of the IMU Traditional Chinese Medicine physician at the IMU Chinese Medicine Centre. This talk is a joint effort of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society-Young Pharmacist Chapter (MPS-YPC) and the IMU Alumni. In his talk, Mr Ng stressed on the importance of knowing the different indications for different acupoints. For example, one of the acupoints is the ‘Zhu San Li’ point which may help in gastric pain. Mr Ng also spoke on ways to calculate measurements to locate the acupoints by our own. 


Before the talk ended, there is a Questions and Answers session. During this session, a few participants took the opportunity to clear their doubts on certain issues. An IMU alumnus who is currently a pharmacist in Hospital UKM said that she decided to attend the talk as the topic on Chinese Medicine had caught her attention. However, she expected the talk to cover more on herbs instead of acupuncture. Overall, she found the talk to be very interesting.


Mr Ng Shih Chau is the programme coordinator of IMU Chinese Medicine programme and has been actively lecturing in IMU since 2010.  Besides that, he is also a certified Chinese Massage (Tui-na) Masseur with vast clinical experience in managing patients with acute and chronic illness from his previous employments at East Shuguang Hospital (China), Huadong Hospital Outpatient Department (China), LIGHT Weight Management Holding’s Private Limited (Australia), Eu Yan Sang (S) Private Limited (Singapore), ANC Chinese Medical Clinic (Malaysia) and Pangkor Laut Resort (Malaysia).    

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