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First of its Kind: IMU Concert & Food Carnival 2019

30 May 2019

Kuala Lumpur, 10 May 2019 – IMU Student Ambassadors, Music Club and Scholars Committee collaborated for the very first time to organise the IMU Concert & Food Carnival 2019, with the theme “Night of Lights”. The event took place at the atrium of the IMU campus in Bukit Jalil. The concert featured talents from the University’s community partners, namely Agape Outreach of Blind (AOB), Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, Rumah Charis Home for the Children and Ti-Ratana Welfare Society. Each home presented unique performances which had brought the audience a whole new level of experience. Starting off with impressive festive drums performance, the rhythm of the beats of festive drums was high-spirited and stunning. This spectacular performance by energetic teenagers from Ti-Ratana marked a great start to the event. This was followed by heartwarming band performances by Rumah Charis and AOB. Popular Western and Chinese songs were performed and it was great to see the audience singing along. Musical instruments such as keyboard, guitar, drums and others were well played by the performers. The last performance was the mesmerising wheelchair dance by Beautiful Gate Foundation. The dance was graceful and it blends perfectly with the background music. The performers from each shelter homes also shared their personal stories and experiences in pursuing music. The sharing sessions were very inspiring to the audience as they learn more about the performers’ journey of learning musical instruments as well as their passion in music and performing arts. After all the wonderful performances and sharing sessions, the event continued with a closing speech by the Project Leader, Serene Neoh Minxin. She explained about the meaning of the event’s theme and logo and how it can motivate our life. This was followed by an introduction of the leaders of the project which are also representatives from the 3 student bodies that collaborated. IMU CARES Tokens of appreciation and certificates were then presented to all the 4 performing homes by Manager, Student Services, Mr Saravanan Muthiah along with the committee members. Following this was a group photo of all who attended the event, marking the end of the concert. The event received great response from IMU students and staff, and huge support from IMU Cares and Student Services Hub (SSH). Another highlight of the event was the food carnival, where participants were able to enjoy local delicacies from invited food vendors. It was truly a memorable and unforgettable event for both performers and audience. Through this event, the audience learnt that disabilities will not limit you to achieve whatever you want. With great perseverance and intense passion, everything is possible. Aligned with the theme of the event, “Night of Lights”, the committee hopes to encourage people to always search for lights in the darkness and never lose hope.

More Information on the Community Partners and Their Performances

Agape Outreach of Blind
Agape Outreach of Blind has been a partner of IMU Cares since 2017. A band performance presented by the performers had provided a unique perspective on the capabilities of blind people. It was a learning experience for the audience as they gained insight on the subtleties of senses apart from sight.
Beautiful Gate Foundation for The Disabled
Beautiful Gate Foundation was established to provide accommodation, training and various services for the disabled. An IMU Cares partner since 2013, Beautiful Gate Disabled Performing Arts Troupe is formed to demonstrate the determination of learning and self-development of people with disabilities. The performers presented a wheelchair dance to transmit their determined effort to the public and promote the greatness of loving and 
Rumah Charis
In conjunction with IMU Music and Performance Club’s annual project – Music for Children 2018, this concert was a good platform for the children to showcase their guitar skills learnt throughout August and September 2018. 6 children from the home presented a musical performance comprising of a band performance and singing.
Ti-Ratana Welfare Society
Ti-Ratana Welfare Society is a community service society set up in the spirit of compassion to both serve and provide shelter, education and care to the underprivileged members of the community. The performers presented a festive drums performance, which had brought enlightenment to our concert, by showcasing their talents in music and appreciating their hard work and dedication in polishing their musical skills.

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