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Walking Through My Journey to Becoming a Medical Biotechnologist

16 Aug 2019

I have a big vision and the story of discovery of Penicillium’s antibiotic in 1928 and subsequent successful attempts in producing the purified antibiotic compound, the treatment for bacterial infections that saved countless lives has inspired me a lot to venture into the field of medical biotechnology as my future career. The first year in my Medical Biotechnology studies at the International Medical University (IMU) was an eye-opening experience for me as we are introduced to many lab sessions that allowed practical experience on various substances and organisms. Most notable sessions were the ones that required us to make cultures of bacteria which we then observed under a microscope after staining them with proper chemicals. With the knowledge that we obtained during lectures, we were able to identify and acknowledge specific differences between the species.

Both theoretical and practical aspects of this course are intrinsically linked, where we apply facts and theories into practice. Various topic across multiple subjects are covered, ranging from laws of electrostatics to mechanisms of drug delivery.

With what I have learnt at the University, I can totally see myself stepping into a future medical revolutionary era, non-invasive implantations along with human augmentation will provide medical treatments for a range of diseases that can be genetic and pathogenic in nature. With these advancements of biotechnology in the medical field, mortality rates during transplant surgeries along with disease and cancer treatments can be decreased greatly and their effectiveness bolstered. A student's experience studying medical biotechnology at IMU. In this technological era, where technology has advanced into every facet of human life, the Malaysian government has realised the significance of biotechnology in the fieds of healthcare and agriculture, and with more funding going into various researches, the advancement in biotechnology has risen up so rapidly, aiming to bring benefit and enhance the quality of life to not just citizen in our country, but also for people around the globe. I am glad I am part of this revolution in our country, striding in the field of medical biotechnology field, presenting new opportunities and possibilities that can be unlocked via research and development Learning is a never ending journey. There are always more gaps in one’s knowledge than what they can constantly fill. I believe my passion in medical biotechnology enables and empowers me to search and strive for improvements in this field. As I progress further into the realm of biotechnology, I hope I will be nearer to reaching my goal of life, to impact upon the healthcare and medical industry all over the world, benefiting countless people across borders, irrespective of their nationality or race.

Written and photos by Low Qin Hao (MB1/18)

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