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A Passion to Teach and Care for Children at Rumah Titian Kaseh

23 Apr 2019

What does it take to share our love to our community? Passion, a passion to care.

Rumah Titian Kaseh (RTK) is a mixed welfare home, mostly resided by children from various background. As an IMU Cares Community Partner, many projects and activities have been conducted by IMU students and staff at RTK. Inspired by previous projects, this time, the Passion to Care project is back. It is a project to continue looking into the English language skills among the underprivileged children at RTK, with the intention of further enhancing their English proficiency, in terms of reading, writing and speaking. IMU CARES Passion to Care Project – RTK Visits, with the support from IMU Cares, was supervised by Dr Hazwanie Hashim. A group of passionate students, led by Chong Shao Yin and Choong Qi Ying, put their efforts together in making the project successful as well as to ensure the objective of Passion to Care Project is accomplished. This project was conducted every other week for two months. Participants involved in this project include the organising committees, student volunteers and staff from various departments of IMU. The children from RTK who took part in the activities were between 6 to 17 years old. The visits are divided into a few themes, such as ‘colours’, ‘animals’, and ‘fruits’. In other words, participants will teach the children English vocabulary according to the respective themes. On top of that, storytelling/reading session were included in each visit to foster a reading habit among the children. Several teaching aids and learning styles have also been introduced into this project, or visits, in order to deliver an effective teaching session.

Visual and Audio
Before each session, we prepared songs and movies to draw attention and interest from the children so that they can remember the vocabulary easier later on.
Participants educate the children through both speaking and writing in English.
The sense of touch was involved in these teaching and learning activities. For example, a mini-game was designed for the children to guess the fruit by touching them blindfolded. Besides making the activities more engaging and interactive, the sense of touch promotes impactful and long-lasting memory as well, especially in learning.

From this project, the children were able to improve their English language skills by expanding their English vocabulary, such as in colours, animals and fruits. Hopefully this can help to improve their English for everyday use. The Passion to Care Project committees expressed their gratitude to all the participants who willingly contribute throughout this project. Related Article: A Passion to Teach, A Passion to Care

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