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A Step Towards Fulfilment: Paving My Way Forward in the Field of Chinese Medicine

21 Mar 2024

The unstoppable flow of time, like the swift flow of a river, has carried me through the four and a half years of my Chinese Medicine journey at IMU. I vividly recall the initial motivation behind my pursuit—an enduring struggle with my chronic skin conditions propelled me to seek holistic body healing and made me embrace a deep interest in Chinese Medicine. I aspired to one day safeguard not only my own well-being but also that of those around me.


Embarking on the study of Chinese Medicine posed formidable challenges initially, given its abstract concepts and the need for a vivid imagination, along with some philosophical understandings. Gratefully, our dedicated lecturers spared no effort in elucidating these intricacies, patiently helping us lay the foundation of Chinese Medicine knowledge and gradually construct our own framework of knowledge.


In the second year, the global onslaught of COVID-19 disrupted our lives, prompting a shift to online learning as our nation implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO). Adapting to this new modality was challenging for all, yet IMU’s adept response ensured seamless continuation of classes, even arranging essential practical classes during this critical period to prevent any setback in our progress. Despite these efforts, I faced moments of anxiety and uncertainty, compounded by some personal factors, leading me to make a bold decision in my third year—taking a one-year break from my studies.

Taking a Break from My Studies

During this break, I worked in a Chinese Medicine Centre, an experience that profoundly transformed my life. Slowing down allowed for deeper self-reflection, providing fresh insights into my chosen profession. Interacting with patients heightened my awareness of the importance of knowledge, realising that empathy without technical expertise is merely emotional overflow. That year fuelled me with a strong desire for knowledge acquisition, clarified my sense of purpose, and directed my efforts toward a defined path.


From that period onward, I have developed a deep interest in traumatology, delving into the root cause of every pain and pondering the ways in which chronic, non-internal medicine-related pain is triggered and worsened by daily habits and postures. I have come to realise that determining the root cause is essential for addressing issues effectively, enabling me to offer patients better advice and guide them on how changing daily habits can improve their symptoms. A year later, I returned to the campus, revitalised and eager to resume my studies.

My Return to Studying Chinese Medicine

Upon returning to the campus, I happened to have lectures related to traumatology, which I highly value. The lecturers have clarified many of my previous doubts and the course content encompasses both Western and Chinese Medicine concepts. I have also gained insights into the role and strengths of Chinese Medicine in treating musculoskeletal injuries. My aspiration is to utilise the knowledge acquired to help alleviate physical pain for the public and contribute to their overall well-being. I am eternally grateful for that one-year working experience, as the growth it brought shaped the person I am today.


Over the course of four and a half years, we delved into both Chinese and Western Medicine knowledge, and I am currently striving to integrate both perspectives for optimal clinical efficacy. The final semester, dedicated to clinical trainings, holds a special place in my heart. It provided the opportunity to apply the knowledge accumulated over the previous four years to clinical practice, it was indeed a golden period for learning to connect and communicate with patients.


During this internship, we faced challenges that accelerated our growth. Every supervisor, with unwavering dedication, guided us selflessly, always highlighting areas for improvement for each of us. It was during this semester that I truly understood the strictness of our lecturers—each effort was intended to instil in us a clear understanding of our mission and our responsibility as future healthcare practitioners. I cherish their guidance and encouragement, and I am committed to refining my skills in line with their expectations, with the aim of contributing meaningfully to the society in future.


I am also immensely grateful for the companionship and support of my friends throughout this journey. The days of attending classes, revising together, and sharing moments of joy are cherished memories. I hope we can stay connected even after graduation, and I wish everyone a success in their careers, reminding all not to forget their initial aspirations.

The Next Chapter of My Life

At present, having secured a job, I am reminded of the proverb, ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.’ I intend to uphold my firm beliefs, taking each step with determination to realise my own value and assist others in overcoming their health concerns. I am ready for the next chapter of my life, armed with the knowledge, experience and passion gained during my time studying IMU’s Chinese Medicine programme.


Written by Low Li Xin

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