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My Journey Towards Achieving My Dreams to be a Chiropractor

18 Dec 2017

Ever since I was a kid, I have always preferred the path of natural treatment. About 8 years ago, my younger brother developed lower back pain which got worse day by day. My aunt introduced him to a Chiropractor and got him adjusted. A quick and gentle thrust was done on my brother’s back and an immediate result could be seen when he smiled. At that moment, I decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor. With the added benefit of being able to look cool, at the end of the day, knowing you’ve managed to help someone in pain and seeing their priceless smile is ultimately the best reward one can receive. To get closer to my goal of becoming a Chiropractor, I did some research and found out that the only university in Malaysia that offers a chiropractic programme was International Medical University (IMU). At that time, IMU was just starting their new Foundation in Science (FiS) programme and for a smoother transition between foundation and degree, I decided to join the FiS programme. It was a one-year programme in which time flew by at an astonishing rate. Throughout the year, I made new friends which to this day, am still in contact with, even after we have completed the FiS programme. My mentor, Ms. Elaine who was also my Chemistry lecturer, was very helpful in providing advice, not only concerning my studies, but regarding life as well.

After I successfully enrolled myself into the Chiropractic programme, I became more active in the many co-curricular activities offered in IMU. I must say IMUs’ orientation is really something. It brought students from a variety of different cohorts together, providing a chance for students to form connections with one another.

To be honest, the 2 years in IMU were not easy, but I manage to pull through thanks to the supportive group of people who were in my class. Before examinations, we would have several study and practice sessions a month, which helped a lot in calming my nerves and building my confidence during the practical tests. I left Malaysia to begin my life in RMIT University, Australia in February this year (2017). It was pretty exciting, not only was I was going to have a new University life there, but I was not alone, with seven other IMU Chiropractic students that undertook the credit transfer programme, we were able to experience a new country and life as a group. I must admit that without them, life here would have been boring as shops and malls close very early in Melbourne, therefore, it could get quite dull at night. That was probably the first of many culture shocks I would experience. On the bright side, there is more time for studies and keeping up with lectures had never been more convenient. All in all, I can firmly say that I enjoy the slow-paced and quiet life here in Melbourne. I am very grateful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to study this programme in IMU, also to the lecturers that were so patient and passionate in their teaching, and friends who have been so understanding and kind, as well as all those who have remained by my side to support me throughout my journey. I’ll be keeping up with my hard work in Chiropractic and looking forward to contributing to the society as well as to the Chiropractic profession.

Written by:  Yap Junyan

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