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Contraceptives Updates Workshop Draws Interest of Healthcare Workers and IMU Medical Students

19 Dec 2018

10 November 2018 – A contraceptives updates workshop organised by International Medical University (IMU) Kluang in collaboration with Obstetric and Gynecology Department Hospital Enche Besar Hajah Khalsom (HEBHK) and Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN) was conducted at Auditorium Rafflessia HEBHK. The event was attended by 104 participants which comprised of 82 healthcare workers from government and private sectors as well as 22 IMU medical students. The event started with a registration and breakfast. The opening ceremony was conducted by Dr Ian Micheal Netto, a specialist at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of HEBHK.

Besides a talk given by the sponsors, 7 topics were discussed by the invited speakers
Overview of Unintended Pregnancies in Malaysia, Contraception Method Available and Use Issues Dr Fatimah Hassan, a Family Medicine Specialist
Failure Rates and Medical Eligibility Criteria Dr Azayati, Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of HEBHK
Emergency Contraception and Permanent Sterilization (Male and Female) Dr Hussein Akl , Senior Lecturer IMU Clinical Campus Kluang
LARC’S-Intrauterine Devices, Implants Dr Ian Micheal Netto, a Specialist at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of HEBHK
Hormonal Contraception for the Golden Age Prof Nazimah Binti Idris, Clinical Professor, Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs IMU
Natural Methods (Lactational Amenorrhea Method, Rhythm, Withdrawal) and Barrier Method Sister Azilah (LPPKN)
Talk by our sponsors Suzanne, a representative from Mirena System
Contraceptive Counselling Method and Ethical/Legal Dilemma in Contraception Provision, and Family Planning Services in Primary Health Care Setting Dr Khalilati, Family Medicine Specialist

The participants were divided into 4 groups for a hands-on session with each group consisting of 14 participants. The hands-on sessions were Implanon Insertion, IUCD/ Mirena IUS insertion , Counselling session, and choosing methods of contraception. Dr Ian Micheal and Dr Hussein Akl demonstrated and provided guidance on the technique of Implanon and IUCD/Mirena Insertion on the provided models. Dr Meera, medical officer Obstetrics and Gynecology Department HEBHK and Suzanne, from Mirena, shared their knowledge on different types of contraceptive methods available in Malaysia and answered queries from the participants.

Six patients were recruited from the ward for  counselling on contraception and volunteers from each group were given the task of interviewing the patient and counselling him/her on appropriate methods of contraception. This was supervised by Sister Azilah and Dr Khalilati. A small token of appreciation was given to all the speakers and to the patients who were recruited for the programme.

At the end of the event, a group photography session was held to commemorate the event. A total of 6 CPD points were awarded to the Ministry of Health health workers and speakers for attending the day long workshop. Overall, the event turned to be a success with a good feedback from all parties that were involved. Written by: Shaarvin Pillai A/L Mathapan Pillai, Tharshini Selvarajoo and Mugilan A/L Ganason  Supervised by: Dr Hussein AKL

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