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Enhancing Skills in Phlebotomy

18 Dec 2023

The Clinical Skills Department (CSD) at IMU Bukit Jalil organised a Phlebotomy Training Workshop – Difficult Vascular Access for lab technicians, staff nurses, research assistants and students on 2 December 2023. The focus of the workshop was to produce more competent phlebotomists with better educational and employment opportunities.


CSD has conducting this workshop annually since 2010, receiving positive feedback from participants. Participants who used to attend these workshops were from University Malaya, IJN, Mahsa University and various clinical laboratories. We even had two participants from Brunei and Monash University, Malaysia. The topics were very well received by the participants.

What are the Key Things that Participants Learned?

Participants learnt new guidelines to draw blood in a clinical setting as well as how to avoid complications of post phlebotomy and legal issues.


Some of the participants are nurses who are already practicing venipuncture in MOH hospitals. For these nurses, the workshop was useful as they are able to learn about legal issues and what to avoid in a clinical setting.

Four Important Topics Covered at the Workshop Included

Correct Technique of Drawing Blood

Standard Precaution

Competent Phlebotomist

Intravenous Cannulation and Difficult Vascular Access

Participants had opportunity for a hands-on session which was conducted by a team of 6 very experienced clinically trained faculty members from the Clinical Skills Department.

Team Members Involved in This Workshop

Dr Hazlina binti Abu Bakar – Speaker

Dr Sharena Manocaran – Speaker

Dr Ramanathan Subramanian – Speaker

Dr Ranila Ishani Sirisinghe – Speaker

Dr Juliet Mathew

Dr Valliammai Valliyappan

Our sincere gratitude also goes to CSD Nurses and IMU Centre for Lifelong Learning (ICL) team for assisting us at the workshop.


In future, the Clinical Skills Department hopes to conduct this workshop for a larger number of participants with more arm models.

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