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IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumni Run Own Business

14 Jul 2015

An International Medical University (IMU) medical biotechnology (MB) alumnus from Korea, Hwa-Rang Eum is currently doing his own business in Korea with plans to expand it. Hwa Rang 2 “IMU curriculum is very compact. There is no doubt students are learning first class techniques, detailed information and advanced skills regarding MB, and also  learn how to communicate in society, cooperate well, and how to become a professional in every ways of self being.” “To study at IMU requires proper time management in order to achieve good grades. I found it really hard to manage my time, to be efficient and to have good presentation skills. IMU provided me a perfect education for me to improve on my weaknesses and thus enabling me to proceed with my own business.”

“I strongly believe that I have not only learnt first class MB but also various skills and ethics that have shaped the current me. IMU encourages its graduates to think in a wider perspective. Its graduates will not only be finding jobs in a related field, but also those that are indirectly related to what they have learnt from MB IMU.”

Sharmen 2 Another alumnus, Sharmen Chong Huai Shiang is the Director of her own business, UFI Universal Food Ingredients Sdn Bhd. In her current role, she is involved in food ingredients, acting as supplier and distributor, with exporting being the core business.

“I enjoyed the variety of the medical biotechnology syllabus and the hands on practical sessions in the labs. The MB degree has provided me with a basic knowledge in biotechnology. With a better understanding about food flavours and skills that I have learnt during my undergraduate degree, it is easier to communicate with customers.”

Sharmen 1

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