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IMU Nursing Science Alumni Faced Many Challenges to be in Dean’s List

22 Jun 2015

“I had to manage my time well and plan my leave in advance under a tightly controlled roster, and occasionally switching shifts with understanding colleagues in order to attend lectures and presentations in International Medical University (IMU), Kuala Lumpur, taking the earliest ETS train at 5am and returning to Ipoh the same day to prepare for next day’s work. I requested for more night duties so that I could accumulate more nights off or off days to prepare to go down to IMU and to complete my modules.” Hui Jean “As nurses, our workload is heavy, I had to work shift duties, overtime and being on-call. I also have difficulties in applying for leave while I was working in a private hospital in Ipoh.” In spite of all these challenges, Foo Hui Jean was determined to pursue her studies in Nursing Science at the International Medical University (IMU). Her dedication, sacrifice and hard work paid off when she graduated on 13 June 2015 with a First Class Honours Bachelor of Nursing Science. She was also in the Dean’s list of high academic achievements.

“The research module was a real challenge as I had to seek guidance and redo and make corrections many times before finally seeking out patients to cooperate to answer my questionnaires”, said Hui Jean who hopes to further her studies in the future and be a nursing lecturer.

She decided to pursue the degree in order to further improve her knowledge and to have a better understanding of what nursing is from another perspective. “Taking this degree has indeed broadened my knowledge. I learnt a lot of concepts and skills in which I was not aware of before joining this programme. I also became more confident and was able to think more critically when problems arise.” For Hui Jean, working and studying at the same time has indeed proved to be full of challenges. It is even more challenging when the student is also a parent to school-going children. This is what a fellow graduate, Ooi Bee Yean had to face when she decided to upgrade herself and pursue her studies at IMU. Bee Yean also graduated with a First Class Honours Bachelor of Nursing Science and is in the Dean’s list of high academic achievements. Bee Yean With 16 years of working experience and currently working at the Intensive Care Unit, Hospital Lam Wah Ee, Penang, Bee Yean wanted to enhance her knowledge and equip herself with the necessary soft skills that is needed for her career advancement. This is what she believed the Nursing Science (Hons) programme would give her. “I chose IMU to pursue my dreams as it is a well-known university and it has its Nursing Science (Hons) programme recognised by Malaysian Nursing Board and Malaysian Qualifications Agency.” “Besides, for a learner like me who need to balance study, work and family commitment, IMU holds the face-to –face sessions with our lecturers in Penang. It has helped me to save time and traveling costs.”

“Every day after returning home from shift work feeling tired, I still continue with my study, doing note book entries and rushing for deadlines. Sometimes, I shared a study table with my kids. Like others, most of the time, I had to sacrifice sleeping time just to complete an assignment. The majority of my annual leave for these two years were spent for my studies.”

“For my achievement, I would like to thank IMU and my dedicated lecturers who had guided me towards such great achievement. Thanks to my parents, husband and sons, friends, hospital colleagues and superiors for their great support and encouragement to me.” Bee Yean 2 “With the knowledge I gained, I have better theoretical applications, managerial knowledge, and communication skills to relate and handle my everyday work. It enhances my critical thinking for decision making and teaching skills which is very important in my daily work.” “Besides this, I appreciate that this study had provided precious opportunity and platform for me towards better understanding in ethical guidelines, legal mandates, management and leadership on how to transform into a better healthcare professional as patient advocate, team leader, nursing educator and researcher in this modern era.” For Leng Chun Hoe, another Nursing Science student who is from the same hospital, encouragement and motivation from work colleagues and IMU lecturers was part of the motivating force which fuels him to work harder and score better. All his determination, sacrifice and hard work despite the hectic work at the hospital was definitely worth it with the achievement of First Class Honours and being in the dean’s list. My preceptor (Juliet) witnessing my prize giving ceremonySelfie with Suk Yin (my research partner) after relieved from the stress of research presentation to IMUJCGroup photo - in Adventist College “As I am a working nurse, stopping work to pursue a degree programme is impossible. For working nurses, which most of us are, IMU offered the opportunity for us to earn a quality nursing science degree programme without the need to stop working. Why I think IMU degree is attractive to me? As a university that solely focusing in nurturing healthcare workers like doctors, pharmacists, psychologist and nurses, I believe this is the institution which logically, has the best understanding to the need of different type of healthcare workers team, on the top of latest medical updates, and therefore is capable to develop the best curriculum for each specific healthcare workers. Also, why study in a university with accountants, business students and engineers when you can study in a university with quality environment surrounded by healthcare students which you will be working with side by side in healthcare setting after graduate? It make sense!”

“Working full time and studying at the same time is never an easy thing. Full-time work in hospital takes up most of the time during the day. Most of the time, my body just feel so sore and tired after all the hectic work at the hospital. I can only sacrifice my weekend for study, sometime burning the midnight oil during weekdays.”

Chun Hoe who intends to pursue his Masters after his degree said “I was in Hong Kong airport when I received a call from IMU to inform me about how well I did in my studies. I was very surprised and did not regret of answering the call although it incurred more charges on phone bill when roaming.” Enjoying fun time when travelled down to Bukit Jalil for F2F sessionOrientation week IMU - April 2013 ‘Throughout the programme, I’ve learned much details into the philosophy of nursing theories and these can be innovatively applied to work and improve patient’s experience during hospital stay. I’ve also become more ethic conscious and develop sense of responsibility to instill the professionalism in nursing. As part of the programme focusing on teaching methodology and research, it strengthens my skills in updating myself continuously and sharing these information to colleagues or patients in an effective way.”

Congratulations to these students! We are certainly proud of you!

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