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Training Caregivers at Rumah Victory Elderly Home

19 Jun 2015

IMU CARES 27 April 2015 – International Medical University (IMU) student nurses and Division of Nursing staff carried out their first training this year for caregivers of elderly inmates at Rumah Victory Elderly Home, Puchong.  Training caregivers’ workshop marks another new milestone under IMU Cares. The purpose of training these caregivers is to improve the quality of care provided by the caregivers to the elderly in the nursing homes and also to educate caregivers in relation to self-injury prevention while caring for the elderly. IMG20150425091511 On the day of training, filled with eager anticipation, students and staff demonstrated effective hand washing, principles and care of personal hygiene for the inmates, initiate measures for the prevention of pressure sores, active and passive range of exercises and principles in lifting using correct body mechanics. The caregivers were attentive, interactive and enthusiastic to return demonstration following each session. Throughout this training session, students had a new experience in serving the community, indirectly discovering their potential and interest to develop various competencies in them. Students were also aware of the importance of being disciplined, caring, professional and ethical in dealing with the caregivers and the elderly at the home. This training session has also provided an opportunity for IMU nursing students to build their team spirit, time management and communication skills as well as enhance their caring attitude. IMG20150425092840IMG20150425092200

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