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IMU Sends Most Teams to the CIMB Talent Trail

11 Mar 2014

1 March 2014 – Students of the International Medical University (IMU) participated in the inaugural CIMB Talent Trail 2014 that was jointly organised by CIMB Group and Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp). The University sent the most number of registering teams, a total of 27 teams to this competition.  For this, the University was rewarded with an LED television, which placed in the Student Centre for students’ use.

A total of 149 teams from 18 universities registered for this competition but only 60 teams were qualified to participate.  Six out of the 27 IMU teams were qualified to participate in the challenge.

Students in these teams are from the various programmes in IMU, including those studying the medical, medical biotechnology, psychology, nutrition and dietetics (now known as the Dietetics with Nutrition), chiropractic and biomedical science programmes.

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  Commenting on the event, a team member of one of IMU teams, Tay Suit Teng said,

“It was a great experience as it is like a mini amazing race in the outside world where there are a lot of competitors and challenges. Hence, we have to perform our very best to be ahead of others. Cooperation and trust among team members is very important. At some of the stations, only one team member is allowed to participate in the challenge. Hence, trust and support from other team members definitely helped to boost the confidence level of the one who is in the challenge. For this competition, we had to go from one checkpoint to the next all around Kuala Lumpur by walking, running and using public transport (Rapid buses, Light Rail Transits (LRT) or Monorail) and with the help of Google map.”

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Participants were given a preloaded Touch n Go card each before they were flagged off as early as 7:30 am at Menara Bumiputra-Commerce. The half-day trail involves fun and games in English, with emphasis on employability skills such as clear communications, teamwork, self-confidence, preparedness in facing challenges, and not least, physical fitness.  Points were scored based on the successful completion of activities, quality of activities performed, and all things being equal, speed.

“Upon registration, we have to answer a set of questions related to the event and CIMB Bank. We were notified by the organiser that our group was selected for the event via email a few days after the registration closed. On the event day itself, there are 7 stations which we need to go through. Throughout the challenge, English is the main language for communication. Each station/checkpoint helps in preparing us for interviews in the future and strengthening our language,”

added Suit Teng whose team of four members include Chong Cheng Wen, Teo Mei Chin and Tham Kah Mun. These four students are studying the Nutrition and Dietetics programme at the University.  

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