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IMU Stand in Solidarity with Victims of New Zealand Shooting

12 Apr 2019

On 5 April 2019, Prof Khoo Suan Phaik, Associate Dean of Community Engagement and Ms May Kuan from Students Services Hub, International Medical University, accompanied by two students presented messages of hope and solidarity compiled into a scrapbook and handed over to Mr Hunter Nottage, the High Commissioner of New Zealand in Malaysia, at the New Zealand Embassy. IMU CARES With the recent tragic events that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, IMU had provided a platform for all to express their sympathy, empathy and their support through wonderful words of solidarity and peace. The IMU does not condone any form of aggression and extremism regardless of race, religion and nation and expresses deepest condolences to the family and friends of those who had passed with sincere thoughts and prayers for those who have been affected to be able to heal and find peace. These messages are a welcome and reassuring reminder of the strength and commitment from our community to our fellow humans.

“As international students who live in Malaysia, we stand with you shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart in this difficult time coming to grips with what has happened.” said students Rawan and Rohan who were present at the handover ceremony. “We were praying to our God of all people and of all cultures for peace, tolerance and good will”, they added.

As an IMU Community we represent diversity, professionalism, empathy, compassion and promote peace and harmony amongst one another. As human beings, we value and respect all form of life.

Thanks to everyone for the many heart-warming messages!

Written by Rashid Ramli, IMU Community Engagement

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