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Our Graduates, Our Glory

09 Jul 2019

29 June 2019 – 22 Nursing Science students received their scrolls in the second session of the International Medical University (IMU)’s convocation.

Heartiest Congratulations to all these graduands!

The Nursing Division is very proud of the great achievement of their students from cohort NS1/17, who have been awarded with First Class Honours degree at this graduation – Teoh Kai Lun, Wong Shi Hui, Ng Yan Xin, Ho Ai Lian, Mathilda Jill Andrews, Alexandra Yeo Hui Yian, Aiu Siew Yeon and Lau Mei Yee. Their achievements were recognised at a Prize Presentation Ceremony on 28 June 2019. One of these students, Teoh Kai Lun, a newly promoted Head Nurse at Tzu-Chi Dialysis Centre (Penang), is the top scholar for cohort NS1/17. Together with her cohort mate, Mathilda Jill Andrews, a registered nurse at Loh Guan Lye Specialist Hospital and six other students, she was awarded with a First Class Honours degree and is in the dean’s list of high academic achievements.

Kai Lun and Mathilda shared with us their learning journey and success stories at IMU.

My Learning Journey at IMU By: Teoh Kai Lun (NS1/17)
I am glad to have enrolled in IMU’s Nursing Science degree 2 years ago. Although it was a difficult journey, I have never regretted in giving myself a chance to experience university life. It is very different compared to my previous learning experience. The purpose of taking up the studies was to expand my knowledge, and in turn to enhance my work performance. Within 2 years of my university life at IMU, I was able to master technical skills which include written/oral communication, formal referencing method, and statistical analysis tool. In addition, I had the opportunity in building wider network with course-mates from various nursing fields and backgrounds. Through active sharing and interactions, we exchanged opinions and new knowledge based on individual expertise. We also received good academic support from the faculty and university staff. When I was newly enrolled to study at IMU, I faced difficulties in balancing my working life and personal life in addition to my studies. To overcome the challenges, I always remind myself to look for positive inspirations; share my thoughts with fellow course-mates; work closely with lecturers as well as seek advice and support from my seniors. Another difficulty faced was the difficulty level of the curriculum. I learnt to plan ahead to complete my assignments and adhere to my learning schedule. All these efforts have taught me to strengthen my management skills in terms of time management and self-discipline. Now, I am able to share my study experience and new knowledge gained with my working colleagues. This has inspired them and instilled in them the importance of lifelong learning in nursing. I’m proud of myself in my capability to adapt to the new learning environment and finally earning a Bachelor Degree. My philosophy of learning would be: “Firstly, to focus on my personal goal; and be able to adapt to new changes in life. Never forget to enjoy the learning process. Next, always reflect on self, learning goals, and be motivated for improvement. Lastly, never forget your close friends and family. They are my support pillars whenever I needed them. They have made me what I am today and I am grateful for what I’ve achieved.”

Learning Experience and Achievements in Bachelor Nursing Science (Hons) Post Registration Programme By: Mathilda Jill Andrews (NS1/17)
Rewinding the clock back to be a student again is never an easy task for any working adult. As a nurse, we face challenges from every corner while balancing our personal/family life and work commitments. For some nurses, advancing their nursing education is a cross-road decision since there are additional expectations and responsibilities required. When I first joined IMU, I was amazed with the student-friendly environment, and the holistic approach the university upholds. To me, the introduction to blended learning and student-centered learning culture is a brand new experience to me. Compared to my previous learning, I never had a chance to apply e-learning or ICT skills in studies. Hence, this was the good opportunity for me to embrace these challenges at IMU. In the initial stage, I found difficulty in adapting to my new role as a student or to engage myself in e-learning. I hesitated to pursue my studies because of the distance between IMU campus and my hometown, Penang. However, thanks to the caring and dedicated nursing faculty and administrative staff, I’m truly blessed with their support during my studies at IMU. My nursing facilitators were always approachable, helpful and they act as my walking inspiration throughout my studies. Not forgetting to my all-time favourite in getting e-library resources at IMU, where you will find abundant information and resources that you require. Despite the weekly assignments, I was motivated to complete my studies as the modules were highly relevant to the contemporary issues at my daily work in the clinical setting. In fact, the key academic discussion activity is one of my interest area when student nurses from diverse clinical background shared their thoughts and experiences during forum discussions. I also enjoyed the face-to-face sessions because its helped me to overcome my fear of ‘flying without a parachute’. The teaching sessions allowed me to prepare for each core modules.

With that in mind, I was willing to make extra trips down to the Kuala Lumpur campus despite the expenses and utilisation of annual leave. It was a great relief to be able to continue my nursing practice while studying at IMU. The support and guidance from both the faculty and preceptors helped me to maintain a work-life balance over the 2-year period. Towards the end of the programme, I gained new knowledge and skills, and were able to bridge theory into real practice. In fact, I achieved my targeted goal for a First Class Honours degree at IMU!

Studying the Bachelor of Nursing Science (Hons) Post Registration programme at IMU was like a roller-coaster ride yet the experience was enjoyable and fulfilling. I would highly recommend IMU as an innovative institution that could provide wonderful student experience in advancing higher education in nursing. This is where I’m now – a person who is more than ready to meet with the challenges in the 21st century in healthcare settings.

Written by Chang Woan Ching, Programme Director, Bachelor of Nursing Science (Hons) Post Registration programme.

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