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IMU Eco-friends Club Members Raise Awareness on Anti-Littering

19 Aug 2016

Organised by IMU Eco-Friends Club, Trip to Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam 16 July 2016 Introduction The re-cycling event was initiated with the intention of not only to encourage IMU students to step out of their houses, but also to raise awareness on anti-littering. Eco Friends Club incorporated cycling with anti-littering so that in the process of enjoying the environment, students were also able to contribute to the society by keeping the environment litter-free for others to enjoy. What Was Accomplished Newsletter-Re-Cycling-page-002 As early as 7.00 in the morning, 43 IMU students and a lecturer, Dr Lipika, gathered at the IMU bus-stop. With high spirits, we departed to Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam as soon as everyone arrived and completed the registration. This fine and sunny day was a day most suited to be spent outdoors! It took us an hour to reach Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam and it was almost 9 o’clock in the morning by then. The air was fresh and the sun was shining bright. We all had a spring in our steps as we headed to the bicycle rental area. Time was given to choose and check the condition of our bicycles because for the next hour or two, we would be cycling around the botani garden! Newsletter-Re-Cycling-page-003 With the President of Eco Friends Club leading us as the first cyclist, we headed to the cactus garden. It was a scenic ride and with the trees looming above us, we were protected from the burning sun. Along the way, we could see plots of land with different species of plants. The plants were labeled so we could all learn to identify them. Upon reaching the cactus garden, everyone gathered around and after some rest, we cycled back to our starting point for lunch. Lunch was pre-packed and for this activity, cutlery was not provided. Students were required to bring their own cutlery in an attempt to reduce the usage of plastics and to prevent littering of disposable forks and spoons after the meal. Then came our mission of the day – to pick up any litter seen around the bicycle rental area. Gloves and plastic bags were distributed to the students. We walked around in twos or threes, picking up any litter we could see. Newsletter-Re-Cycling-page-001 Our bicycles were returned after that and around 12 noon, we headed back to IMU. It might have been a tiring Saturday morning as we had cycled quite a distance, but it was worth our time and efforts. The event was indeed quite enjoyable.

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