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Showcasing Research Projects at Student Poster Days

11 Sep 2023

Each year, the IMU Centre of Complementary and Alternative Medicine organises two Student Poster Days— one in January and July to give chiropractic students a chance to showcase their research project. The recent poster day was held on 13 July 2023 at the International Medical University Bukit Jalil Campus. During the poster day, 47 final year chiropractic students showcased their research project.

The poster presentation aims to cultivate a culture of excellence in scholarly research and creative pursuits among undergraduate students. It provides them with the opportunity to showcase their posters to faculty, staff, and peers, and have their work assessed by a panel of faculty judges.


Presenting a poster, however, is no easy task, as it can be daunting to interact with unfamiliar individuals, regardless of prior experience. Yet no matter how nervous some of the students were at the start of the session, they were all able to explain their work and its importance.

By the end of the session, all the students managed to effectively articulate the significance of their work, and through the course of the session, their presentations became more refined.


As always, the student poster day successfully emphasised the chiropractic students’ accomplishments, highlighting the knowledge and experience they gained through their research projects. These achievements not only brighten the students’ future prospects but also pave the way for future scientific breakthroughs.

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